Are you interested in investing in cryptocurrencies but not sure which one to choose? With all the options on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to decide.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular as an investment option. With the prices of some coins – like Bitcoin – continuously rising, this has created a gold rush mentality in the cryptocurrency world. However, investing in cryptocurrencies can be risky if you don’t do your research. You need to know what features and services each coin offers and how they match up with your own requirements.

One of the newer coins on the market is Nexo. In this review of Nexo, Crypto Charity will go over its features, potential advantages, and potential disadvantages to give investors a better understanding of this promising cryptocurrency before they make any buying decisions.

Nexo: An In-Depth Cryptocurrency Review

Nexo is a great platform for those looking to earn passive income on their crypto holdings. It offers up to 10% interest on deposits and allows users to borrow against their crypto. With 17 different cryptocurrencies available, users can get started with a minimum of $100 in BTC. Nexo also offers two options for earning passive interest on their crypto: in-kind or with Nexo’s NEXO token, which gives a 2% bonus. The APYs available are dependent on loyalty level and asset is chosen, with higher loyalty levels offering higher APYs and lower borrowing repayment rates. Loyalty levels are based on the percentage of the portfolio held in NEXO, not the amount of money deposited on the platform.

Earning on Nexo is easy and requires no effort. Simply buy or transfer any of the 32 assets supported on the platform and leave your crypto holdings there to earn rewards. With 1-5 free crypto withdrawals per month, you can easily access your funds when needed.

Nexo also offers a great way to borrow against your crypto holdings. With a minimum loan amount of $500 and no credit check, you can get access to cash quickly and easily. The loan repayment terms are flexible, with repayment periods ranging from 1-12 months and interest rates starting at 5.9%.

Who Is Nexo?

Nexo is a regulated financial institution for digital assets, founded in 2017 and based in London. It has raised $52.5 million in funding and claims to have over $15 billion in assets under management. Antoni Trenchev is the co-founder and managing partner of Nexo, who offers access to crypto-collateralized credit lines with borrowing rates starting from 5.9% APR, automatic approval, and no credit checks. Nexo’s Earn product generates returns 2,300% higher than competitors, including Goldman Sachs Marcus and American Express.

Clients can take advantage of the value and upside potential of their cryptocurrencies without selling them or paying taxes on the profits made from selling the cryptos. Nexo is a platform that provides services such as borrowing and earning up to 12% interest on a variety of different assets. It has a clean user interface, making it easy for beginners and experienced users alike. We at Crypto Charity think that getting started with Nexo is simple and straightforward; all you need to do is sign up, deposit your crypto, and start earning.

What Do They Offer?

Nexo is a financial platform that offers crypto-backed loans and other services. With Nexo, users can access loans without having to rely on their credit score. Instead, they can use their cryptocurrency as collateral for the loan. This makes it easier for people to access funds when needed without having to worry about their credit score or traditional banking requirements.

In addition to providing crypto-backed loans, Nexo also offers other services such as earning interest by lending out your crypto through Nexo. They also provide the Nexo Wallet, which allows users to store and manage their digital assets securely. The Nexo Card is another service offered by the platform that allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Finally, there’s Booster, which provides users with an additional layer of security for their digital assets. All of these services make it easy for users to manage and use their cryptocurrencies in a secure and convenient way.

Earning Interest

Earning interest on idle crypto assets is a great way to generate passive income. Nexo offers users the opportunity to do just that, with rates ranging from 4-8% APR depending on the asset and NEXO Token holdings. Withdrawals can be made at any time without incurring fees, allowing users to maximize their returns. To get started, all you need to do is create a Nexo account and pass required verifications. Once your account is set up, simply deposit your crypto assets into it and start earning interest (not available for U.S. customers). Higher rates are available for other crypto assets, so make sure to take advantage of them if you want to maximize your returns. With Nexo, you can easily turn your idle crypto assets into a steady stream of passive income!


Nexo is a leading cryptocurrency lending platform that allows users to borrow in cash or stablecoins without a credit check. Rates start at 5.9%, and the amount you can borrow is dependent on the amount of crypto you have on deposit. You can spend the borrowed amount as cash, crypto, or by using the Nexo card and avoid a potentially taxable event. Nexo Prime provides institutional finance solutions for cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and fiat currencies, allowing users to increase the size of their trading strategy while keeping the value of their crypto assets intact with adjustable terms on all collateral loans.

Nexo has substantial retail balance and excellent institutional ties to satisfy all borrowing demands. Onboarding is only required once, giving access to the whole cryptocurrency marketplace with trading, borrowing, custody and lending handled by a single financial institution. Additionally, Nexo Prime offers white-glove support to high-net-worth individuals and family offices as well as top-tier security architecture to protect assets.

Nexo pros and cons

Nexo is a popular crypto lending platform that allows holders to unlock the value of their assets without having to give up ownership. It offers higher APYs than traditional banks and rewards users with NEXO Tokens or BTC cashback when using the Nexo crypto card. The team behind Nexo has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, and strong backing from partners and advisors from some of the most prominent names in the space.

Nexo Pro is a platform launched in September 2022 that provides sophisticated institutional-grade trading tools to retail investors. It features perpetual contracts, liquidity aggregation, and up to 2x leverage on futures trading. The exchange has access to numerous market makers and third-party liquidity providers, ensuring users can fill their orders with little to no price slippage. With up to 2x leverage available on futures trading, traders can double their starting capital but also double their gains or losses if bets are correct or incorrect respectively. This makes Nexo Pro a great choice for experienced traders looking to maximize their returns.

On the downside, Nexo does not offer margin trading or derivatives trading, which may be a deal-breaker for some investors. Additionally, the platform is only available in certain countries and requires users to pass KYC/AML verifications before they can start trading. Finally, Nexo’s fees are slightly higher than some of its competitors, which may be a turn-off for some users.

Overall, we think that Nexo is a great choice for those looking to borrow or lend crypto coins without having to give up ownership. It offers competitive APYs and rewards users with NEXO Tokens or BTC cashback when using the Nexo crypto card. Additionally, Nexo Pro provides sophisticated institutional-grade trading tools to retail investors. However, it does not offer margin trading or derivatives trading and its fees are slightly higher than some of its competitors.

Transparency in security

Nexo is a platform that prides itself on transparency when it comes to security. This transparency allows for users to discuss potential improvements and gain insight into the platform’s security practices. Nexo utilizes rigorous KYC and AML policies, impeccable risk assessment, data protection, and enhanced cybersecurity. Furthermore, Nexo is a regulated platform with $775M insurance for digital assets held in your account.

The Nexo Card also has features such as freezing the card if lost, changing PIN at any time, and tracking transactions with instant notifications. These features ensure that users have complete control over their funds and can rest assured knowing that their money is safe. With these measures in place, users can trust that their funds are secure while using the Nexo platform.

Numerous features and products for crypto users

Nexo is a comprehensive network of programs designed to help crypto users invest, borrow, trade, and earn interest on their tokens. The platform features an ERC20 company token called NEXO which pays dividends to token holders and offers benefits such as lower interest rates on their credit line and higher APYs reserved for NEXO token holders. Nexo’s new Nexo Card allows users to access their Instant Crypto Credit Line and is accepted by over 40 million merchants worldwide. The Nexo app provides a host of management services, military-grade safety features, and interest notifications for managing your cryptocurrency investments on the go. It is available as a free download for both Android and Apple devices.

Nexo is a great option for those looking to benefit from the growth of cryptocurrency through crypto-backed loans. The platform offers intuitive and easy transferring to and earning interest through its platform. It also provides high-yield interest rates, a simple mobile app, and a variety of other features that make it an attractive option for crypto users.

Loan options for users

Nexo offers a unique loan option for users looking to access credit without needing approval or credit checks. Crypto-backed loans are secured by the user’s crypto assets, and the amount of collateral needed depends on the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio of the asset. Rates for these loans start at 5.9%, and users can pay back with fiat currency via bank wire or with cryptocurrency. The Credit lines are dynamically adjusted based on the fluctuation in market prices of the collateral, so users must monitor their accounts during market drops as fluctuations in the LTV ratio may require them to add extra collateral or repay their loan.

The Automatic Collateral Transfer feature is also available to cover any potential loan defaults, but users must manually enable it in their personal settings. If funds are insufficient to cover the required LTV ratio, then the collateralized asset will be sold to pay back part of the loan. Additionally, Nexo Mastercard allows users to make everyday transactions with their crypto funds, and the card is accepted by over 40 million merchants worldwide.

No benefits without investing in the native token

As stated previously in this article, Nexo is a platform that allows users to take out loans and invest in cryptocurrencies. However, in order to gain the most benefit from the platform, users must invest in its native token, NEXO. Without investing in NEXO, users are stuck with unfavorable terms such as a 13.9% interest rate on loans and a 4% interest rate on crypto investments. Investing in NEXO can provide users with better terms and more benefits than those available at the base level.

For example, investors who hold NEXO tokens receive up to 12% annualized interest on their crypto investments and up to 10% annualized interest on their fiat currency deposits. Additionally, Nexo offers discounts of up to 50% for loan origination fees when using NEXO tokens as collateral. This makes it much easier for investors to access capital without having to liquidate their assets or take out expensive loans from traditional lenders. Furthermore, holders of NEXO tokens also receive a share of the platform’s profits in the form of dividends.

Region-locked programs

The recent settlement between BlockFi and the SEC has had a major impact on U.S.-based investors looking to earn interest on their crypto investments through Nexo. As part of the agreement, NEXO tokens necessary to level up in the loyalty program are indefinitely unavailable for trade to U.S. investors, making it difficult for them to engage with the platform. This is an example of a region-locked program, where access is restricted based on geographic location.

While there are workarounds available for U.S. investors to purchase NEXO tokens, it is a complex process that requires extra effort and knowledge of the market. This can be especially challenging for those who are new to investing or lack experience with cryptocurrency trading platforms. Ultimately, this region-locking creates an additional barrier for U.S.-based investors looking to take advantage of Nexo’s services and rewards programs, limiting their ability to maximize their returns from crypto investments.

What Nexo is best for

Nexo is a great platform for those looking to get involved in the cryptocurrency space. It offers low-interest crypto loans and loyalty-based rewards programs, making it an attractive option for those who want to take advantage of the potential of digital currencies without taking on too much risk. Nexo also provides a centralized exchange for new crypto users, allowing them to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies with ease.

In addition, Nexo offers crypto-backed loans that are not dependent on credit scores, meaning that anyone can access these funds regardless of their financial history. Users can also earn interest by lending their crypto through Nexo, providing another way to make money from their digital assets. Other products offered by Nexo include the Nexo Wallet, Nexo Card, and Booster – all of which provide additional features and services that make it easier to manage your digital assets. All in all, Nexo is an excellent choice for those looking to get started with cryptocurrencies or expand their current portfolio.

Key features of Nexo

Nexo is a leading crypto-backed lending platform that offers users a variety of features and services. With Nexo, users can purchase everyday items with their crypto backing, as well as take advantage of rewards such as interest on crypto holdings and lower interest rates on lending. The higher loyalty tiers offer very competitive rates on services such as lending, with their highest tier only requiring a 6.9% interest rate.

In addition to the rewards system, Nexo also provides up to $375 million of insurance on assets held in its wallet via Lloyd’s of London and Marsh and Arch, with deposits kept in cold storage held in military-grade Class III vaults. Furthermore, the platform is available on both iOS and Android devices, and customer support can be reached via email or support tickets. With daily interest rates ranging from 5-10%, Nexo offers crypto savings, loans, and exchange services for users looking to make the most out of their digital assets.

Nexo Interest Rates

Nexo is a leading provider of interest rates, offering Editor’s Pick at 5%. Interest rates range from 6% to 10%, with some higher rates available up to 13%. This makes Nexo an attractive option for those looking to maximize their returns on investments. Currency risk is also less of a concern with Nexo, as it takes currency as collateral and pays the loan in another currency, allowing users to keep their original currency. Additionally, users can calculate the percentage of Nexo of total assets by dividing Nexo by (Nexo + Other Asset) to determine which loyalty bracket they will move to.

Overall, Nexo offers competitive interest rates that are attractive for investors looking for higher returns on their investments. The ability to take currency as collateral and pay the loan in another currency helps reduce the risk associated with investing in foreign currencies. Furthermore, users can easily calculate the percentage of Nexo of total assets to determine which loyalty bracket they will move to.

Cryptos listed on Nexo

Nexo Crypto Exchange is a leading platform for trading digital assets, offering users a wide selection of cryptos to choose from. With Nexo, users can earn up to 20% interest on their crypto purchases by depositing them in the Savings Wallet. The platform also helps minimize slippage, which can result in unexpected price changes during transactions. Nexo offers fixed rates at the moment of order placement and faster swaps with shorter transaction times. This ensures that customers don’t suffer due to the fast-moving crypto market.

The exchange offers over 38 digital assets that can be purchased with a debit/credit card or bank transfer. Customers can earn an extra 0.5% cashback on crypto purchases and undergo KYC and identity verification in minutes. Card purchases are instant with a minimum transaction limit of $50 and maximum of $5,000 with a monthly cap of $10,000 while wire transfers can take 1-3 business days depending on the country.

Fees for using Nexo

Nexo offers a variety of fees and interest rates for its users. After loyalty-based, fee-free withdrawals have been used, variable withdrawal fees apply. Interest on loans is also available, ranging from 13.9% to 6.9%, depending on the user’s loyalty tier. Nexo offers interest on fiat deposits (EUR, USD, GBP) as well as stablecoins, with an annual yield that depends on the currency deposited, staking option and loyalty tier. To earn the highest rates users must increase their exposure to NEXO’s token to 10%.

Nexo provides a great way for users to access liquidity while earning interest in return. The variable withdrawal fees are reasonable and the interest rates offered are competitive compared to other services in the market. With Nexo’s loyalty program, users can benefit from fee-free withdrawals and higher returns when they increase their exposure to NEXO’s token. This makes Nexo an attractive option for those looking to maximize their returns on investments.

How Do I Open An Account?

Opening an account on Nexo is a straightforward process. First, you will need to provide your email address and password to create an account. Once this is done, you will be asked to verify your account by completing a simple slide puzzle. This helps ensure that the person creating the account is indeed who they say they are. After this step is completed, you will need to provide a high-quality photo of a government ID for KYC and AML checks. This helps protect both you and Nexo from any fraudulent activities.

Once all of these steps have been completed, you can then submit personal information such as full name, address, and government-backed ids in order to complete the KYC and AML process. Once all of these steps have been completed successfully, your account will be opened and ready for use! With Nexo’s secure platform, you can rest assured that your funds are safe and secure at all times.

Nexo Bonus Offers

Nexo is offering a great bonus for new users who open an account and complete advanced verification. When they deposit at least $1,000 in any supported asset on the Nexo platform, they will receive $100 in BTC. To qualify for this bonus, the minimum deposit of $1,000 must be kept for at least 30 days. This offer is only available to new users of the Nexo platform.

In addition to the Nexo bonus offer, CoinCentral readers can get $10 when signing up and depositing $100 or more on Nexo. Celsius offers a bonus of $50 in BTC with a first transfer of $400 or more while BlockFi and offer signup bonuses of up to $250 and $25 respectively. All these offers are great ways to get started with cryptocurrency investments without having to risk too much money upfront.

Is My Money Safe?

Nexo is a digital asset platform that offers custodial wallet services and cryptocurrency interest accounts. While Nexo is not a U.S. company and does not offer FDIC insurance, it has taken steps to ensure the safety of customer funds. Private keys are stored offline in Class III bank vaults and protected with multi-signatures, while deposits are covered by $375 million in insurance protection. Additionally, Nexo’s security infrastructure is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, making deposits as safe as competitors like BlockFi and Celsius.

However, it is important to note that cryptocurrency interest accounts offer a unique set of risks that should be taken into consideration before investing in Nexo. As such, it is recommended to do research and speak with a licensed financial advisor before investing in any digital asset platform. By taking these precautions, customers can rest assured that their money will remain safe when using Nexo’s services.

Is It Worth It?

Nexo is a crypto-backed loan platform that offers competitive interest rates and daily payouts. It may be worth considering if you own a coin that pays interest on Nexo, as the company has seen significant growth in its userbase and its token has increased significantly in value. However, if you are looking for a U.S.-regulated company or a coin not supported by Nexo, then another platform should be chosen. European readers may prefer Nexo due to its European-based operations, while U.S. readers may prefer companies operating within U.S. regulations and jurisdictions such as BlockFi and Celsius.

Overall, our review of Nexo is positive but we would like to see the leadership team become more active in communicating with new crypto communities. We recommend subscribing to CoinCentral’s free newsletter for hand-selected news and info from crypto experts to stay up to date on all things related to cryptocurrency investments and trading opportunities. Ultimately, whether or not it is worth investing in Nexo depends on the individual investor’s needs and risk tolerance.


Overall, Nexo is a great platform for those looking to invest in cryptocurrency without having to risk too much money upfront. The bonus offers are a great way to get started and the security measures taken by the company ensure that customer funds remain safe. Additionally, the competitive interest rates and daily payouts make it an attractive option for those looking to earn passive income from their crypto investments . However, it is important to do research and speak with a licensed financial advisor before investing in any digital asset platform.